Stays connected in rough environments.

Xepto has been developing communication terminals for extreme rooms for almost 20 years and is now launching a new generation terminal - Xepto Connect.


Xepto Connect is the heart of both OnGuard and CityGuard, and is tailored to the environments these solutions will operate in. Xepto Connect is central to the Xepto CityGuard infrastructure underground, and for OnGuard it is easily attached to the inside of a container door, and acts as both the heart and the head in the solution.


The terminal is designed to thrive in some of the world's most extreme spaces. Therefore, it is waterproof and dustproof and built in shockproof material, while the batteries are rechargeable and designed to last for many years.

Sensors send data to the terminal via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and receive power from the terminal via cable. The terminal communicates with Xepto's servers via NB-IoT or LTE-M over the cellular network.

The solution is adapted to a minimal service need: More power-efficient components and faster communication require significantly less power than previous generations. At the same time, the batteries have a large capacity, and they can be charged using a desktop charger.

You can also extend the life almost unlimited by connecting the devices to solar panels.

Emphasis has been placed on the simplicity of assembly, commissioning, and service in the development of the new generation.

Shockproof casing, IP 67
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Internal antenna & external antenna solution
2 x 92Wh rechargeable batteries with built‑in charger
Recognizes and adapts to attached sensors, support for external BLE sensors
Power efficient
Easy to install and remotely controlled
Size: 120 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) x 20 mm (H)
Weight: 1,52 kg


12V DC Output (max 200mA)
Battery output for external sensors (3,0 - 4,2V / 2000mA)
External power supply (8-32VDC Input / Solar panel)
2 Open drain digital outputs
1 Digital & 5 Analog inputs


Hall effect/magnetic sensor
Digital, adjustable magnet sensor which detects door movement.
Tamper sensors
Ensures that the terminal is operational, correctly installed and that the battery lid is on.
GPS sensor
GPS data is retrieved automatically when the door is open, so you can be sure that the container is situated at the specified location.
Sound sensor
Digital and adjustable sound sensor that recognizes attempted burglary at an early stage.
Motion sensor
Responds to door movement – via vibrations – which becomes an extra safety measure. It also alerts if someone tries to nudge or move the entire container.
Temperature & Humidity sensor
Monitors the internal environment conditions and warns about overheating, structural breaches, and water leaks.


The sensors do not have their own power source but are powered by the head unit Xepto Connect.

This facilitates the overview of the battery status and condition per unit, as well as the replacement and charging of the batteries.

Solar panel

By installing a solar panel together with Xepto Connect, the panel will be able to charge the system over time during the summer months, so that it has enough power to operate through the winter. The system will then be self-propelled for 7-10 years - a natural deterioration of the batteries over time will lead to replacement after the expected lifetime.

If the system is established as a fixed installation, it may be appropriate to mount the solar panel to the south. If this is not possible, the solar cell system will still produce enough electricity through the summer to operate during the winter months. Xepto Connect has been developed with a focus on power efficiency, and uses very little power compared to what the panel charges over time.